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We do the ENTIRE process for you!

-Rachel Brewer, HR Manager, Roundup Memorial Healthcare

“Anyone who has tried to bridge the gap with international candidates understands how daunting the process can be. Torie at GoRural makes the process as simple as hiring for any other position. We placed our first international candidate this year and it was seamless. Torie walked us through every step, so there were no surprises. We are so grateful for our partnership.”


Our philosophy is all about simplicity. 

To simplify the process of hiring staff or finding a job.

To simplify, building relationships with those that matter most.

To simplify the chaos surrounding recruiting & staffing. 

Why do we want to make things so simple? 

Because we understand, we have been in your shoes.  

So, let us make it simple for you.  

For more than 20 years, Torie has devoted her time, knowledge, and energy to rural America. As a native of Montana, she understands the nuances “rural” brings to recruiting and retaining staff.  She has successfully built recruiting programs and hired countless professional candidates & physicians that speak to the sustainability and awesomeness of building a career in rural America.

Get to know Torie and let her help you. She's excellent at what she does, plus she's fun! 

Meet Torie!

We love Rural America

Our Services


Domestic Recruiting

GoRural will find candidates for a specific position(s), present them to your organization, and help obtain a signed acceptance!

We can recruit candidates straight from GoRural or on behalf of your company, where marketing and advertisements appear to be coming directly from your company.


International Recruiting</